SleepImage goes
beyond sleep
apnea diagnosis


More than just sleep apnea diagnosis

The SleepImage is a clinical tool that analyzes the state of the Autonomic Nervous System (ANS) during sleep which has a bi-directional relationship with sleep/wake control. The ANS is fundamental to mantain homesostasis of the body, achieved among other things through coordination of heart rate variability and respiration, which are the two fundamental components of Cardiopulmonary Coupling (CPC), the proprietary technique behind SleepImage.

Comprehensive and easy evaluation

SleepImage makes it easy to evaluate the health promoting aspects of sleep to help doctors take a comprehensive view towards sleep care for their patients.


SleepImage offers two devices for data collection
to meet every need


SleepImage Ring

Intended for multi patient use.
Single or multi-night testing in a reusable device.

SleepImage Tip

Single patient use, disposable device.
Includes 3 test reports.