Why It's Special

Sleepifi DENTAL is a practice management system that enables dentists to easily manage every process of the dental sleep medicine workflow, from screening and diagnosis to treatment and billing.

You can count on Sleepifi to improve patient and staff experiences throughout the entire patient journey. Practices leveraging the power of Sleepifi are increasing revenue, saving time, and improving patient outcomes and you can too.

One Platform Does It All



Sleepifi will email or SMS your patient a sleep screening questionnaire and results populate to the patient record. Send the patient home with a NightOwl HST device supplied by VirtuOx, and schedule patient for a telemedicine consultation with a sleep physician, who will order a home sleep test.




Sleepifi will notify you when the patient completes the home sleep test, and the interpreted test results, a prescription for an oral appliance (if medically necessary), and physician notes will be uploaded to the patient record in Sleepifi.




Submit a lab case to your favorite OAT manufacturer through Sleepifi and initiate therapy once it arrives. Reduce chair time and follow-up tasks by automating titration testing and patient e-communications. Once the optimal settings have been found, an efficacy test can be ordered in one simple step.


Get Paid


Sleepifi keeps an electronic record of all required documentation for billing medical insurance, so you have everything needed to substantiate your claim. With one simple click, all patient and treatment documents are sent to your billing company or staff.


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